World Kinect Energy Services will host a live panel discussion at COP27

Energy experts from World Kinect Energy Services to co-present an engaging case study on how to integrate the latest carbon offsets into your sustainability strategy


  • World Kinect Energy Services (World Kinect) will be on site at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt as part of a panel on the future of carbon offsets

  • World Kinect will be joined by the international accreditation NGO, Verra, and the sustainable innovation development company, Okeanos® to discuss innovative efforts to improve and restructure the mechanism of voluntary carbon credits

  • Panelists will discuss how their collaboration led to a brand new class of carbon offsets – and how such collaboration leads to further innovation

MIAMI, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — World Kinect Energy Services (World Kinect) will participate in a live discussion on Friday, November 11 in the 17:30 ET as part of the events taking place in and around the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP27) in Egypt.

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General Commercial Manager of World Fuel Services, Wade DeClariswill facilitate a discussion highlighting how collaboration can support innovation in the carbon offset space.

From Glasgow Breakthrough Room to COP27 Innovation Zone, World Kinect Carbon Advisor Peter Molin will be joined by experts from verifier, Verra, and sustainable innovation developer, Okeanos®, to share how our partnership is expanding what’s possible for the future of carbon credits.

“The collaboration between Okeanos and World Kinect on a new class of carbon offsets is the perfect example of how progressive the offset market is. While many elements of the industry are trying to conform to existing standards, this collaboration, managed by Verra , encourages and promotes innovation in all sectors,” said Florencio Cuétara, founder of Okeanos.

As technologies and regulations continue to change, carbon offsets have become a worthwhile option for any organization on the path to net zero. With technology leading to innovative new opportunities in the carbon offset space, verification is becoming central to building credibility.

“Verra sets out a robust and comprehensive set of rules and requirements that all coal projects certified under the Verified Coal Program must meet. These requirements cover a range of topics such as additivity, leakage, monitoring, reporting and verification, and are developed through extensive stakeholder consultation that incorporates the latest scientific findings and best practice,” he said David Antonioli, CEO of Verra. “Verra reviews and approves carbon account methodologies, which must go through multiple rounds of review involving Verra staff, experts, the public and validation and verification bodies. It is a rigorous process that ensures that project credits VCS are of high quality and deliver real emission reductions or removals.’

“We are excited to work with Verra and Okeanos to share the latest information on carbon offsets to help customers make informed decisions,” he said. Wade DeClaris, Chief Commercial Officer, World Fuel Services, parent of World Kinect. “We’ll share how new technologies are making certified carbon offsets easier and more effective for companies working toward their net zero goals.”

Join the panel and walk away with key insights into the future of carbon credits:

  • How carbon offsets are changing, including innovative new technologies

  • The true nature and unique benefits of carbon offsets

  • How to ensure carbon offsets are accredited and verified

Not attending COP27? Join us virtually via live stream at 5:30 p.m. (EEST):

About World Kinect Energy Services
World Kinect Energy Services is a division of World Fuel Services, a global energy management company engaged in providing energy procurement and related services, as well as transaction and payment management solutions to commercial and industrial customers, primarily in the aviation, marine, and land transport. World Kinect Energy Services is trusted by customers around the world to provide reliable conventional and renewable fuels, lubricants, electricity, natural gas and sustainability solutions.

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About Vera
Verra is a non-profit organization that manages the world’s leading carbon credit program, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program, as well as other standards in environmental and social markets. Verra is committed to contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the improvement of livelihoods and the protection of natural resources by working with the private and public sectors. We support climate action and sustainable development with standards, tools and programs that reliably, transparently and robustly assess environmental and social impacts and enable funding to sustain and scale projects that are proven to deliver these benefits.

About Okeanos
Okeanos is a sustainable innovation company developing calcium carbonate (CaCO3) technologies to directly reduce plastic pollution. Our patented Made From Stone (MFS) technology replaces the majority of oil-based resin with naturally abundant CaCO3 through source reduction, using techniques and specialized compounds to reduce plastic and CO2 content by up to 70% today.



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