Where did the computers rank Michigan football after week 11

Michigan football continued its nine-game tear of the season with a 52-14 win over Rutgers in Week 10.

The Wolverines host a struggling Nebraska team this week in a late-season Big Ten matchup as they look to keep their undisputed season alive.

Various rankings come out each week, including the AP & Coaches Polls.

In this weekly segment, we’ll get away from the human polls, go to the computers and see what the various analytics-driven rankings had to say about UM each week.

With the Cornhuskers on the clock, here’s where the calculators rank Michigan ahead of Week 10 in college football.


What is FPI?

ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) is a predictive rating system designed to measure team strength and project performance going forward. The ultimate goal of the FPI is not to rank teams 1 through 128. Rather, it is to correctly predict the games and results of the season. If Vegas ever published the power rankings they use to determine their lines, they would probably look a lot like FPI.

Class: 4th

Previously: 4th

Top 5: No. 1 Georgia (+1), No. 2 Ohio State (-1), No. 3 Alabama (0), No. 4 Michigan (0), No. 5 Tennessee (0)

Michigan has wins over: No. 10 Penn State, No. 29 Maryland

Michigan will play: No. 2 Ohio State, No. 27 Illinois


What is ESPN SP+?

In a single sentence, it’s a pace- and opponent-adjusted measure of college football performance. SP+ is meant to be predictive and forward looking. This is important to remember. It’s not a resume ranking that gives credit for big wins or particularly brave planning — no good prediction system is. It is simply a measure of the more sustainable and predictable aspects of football. If you’re lucky or unimpressed with a win, your score will likely drop. If you are strong and unlucky in a loss, it will probably increase.

Class: 3rd

Previously: 4th

Top 5: No. 1 Georgia (+1), No. 2 Ohio State (-1), No. 3 Michigan (+1), No. 4 Alabama (-1), No. 5 Tennessee (0)

Michigan has wins over: No. 15 Penn State, No. 26 Maryland

Michigan will play: No. 1 Ohio State, No. 24 Illinois, No. 68 Nebraska


What (who) is Sagarin?

Jeff Sagarin built a rating and prediction system and then named it after himself! It’s a great way to see the scores and determine the scores in games based on how close or not two teams are ranked. Sometimes, he can predict closer games in one-sided games or blowouts in closer games on paper.

Class: 4th

Previously: 5th

Top 5: No. 1 Ohio State (0), No. 2 Georgia (+1), No. 3 Alabama (-1), No. 4 Michigan (+1), No. 5 Tennessee (5th)

Michigan has wins over: Penn State (14th)

Michigan will play: Ohio State (1st), Illinois (22nd)

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