This antiaging tool brings professional facial care to the home

Do you ever have those mornings when you look in the mirror as you get ready for the day and you can sweat out some new crow’s feet that appeared overnight? Or worse, next to those new wrinkles is an angry pimple. If this sounds familiar, this beauty tool might be your new best friend. The NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand harnesses the healing power of high frequency technology to improve the appearance of fine lines, treat acne and even reduce hair loss and dandruff. While we think this kind of tool is worth buying, it retails for $76 (down from $130).

A trusted resource in any beautician’s beauty arsenal, a high-frequency treatment is usually offered as part of a luxury spa facial. The NuDerma kit brings similar benefits to your home, but for much less money. However, don’t let all the attachments and gizmos intimidate you. Amazon reviewers say it’s “super simple,” “easy to use,” and “nothing to be afraid of.”

Simply select the wand of your choice, place it in the handle, activate the device and pass it over the area you want to treat. Do you have a pimple? A quick treatment with the NuDerma stick will break it down and speed up its healing. If you’re craving some smoothing for uneven skin texture, look no further. You’ll be glowing in no time. You can alternately use it to target certain issues like blemishes or scars or use it on a larger area like your neck for overall tightening and toning. There is even a comb tool to treat thinning hair, dry scalp and dandruff.

The NuDerma Skin Wand has six attachments to easily treat multiple areas. (Photo: Amazon)

Not sold yet? Get it from nearly 4,000 people who have given it a five-star rating on Amazon. One amazed reviewer saw impressive results and couldn’t believe her eyes. “I never thought I could get results like this without paying a lot for a dermatologist,” she said. “It also helped with my line and weird wrinkles from an old scar. WORTH EVERY PENNY.”

Another shared that the results were more impressive than she expected. “I bought my first Pure NuDerma high frequency device for my sister-in-law as a cosmetology school graduation present because I loved high frequency facials. I was afraid that this device wouldn’t be as powerful as she was used to from beauty school. I made a WRONG,” he said. “He assured me it was even better than what he was using! He has used it on me many times and the results have been amazing! My sun spots have faded and the wrinkles have reduced a lot!”

“I have frustrating adult acne breakouts even though I’m already in my 60s,” said one of the hundreds of reviewers who use NuDerma for blemishes. “I had heard about high frequency spot treatments and asked a local esthetician to use the process during a facial. I was amazed at the results.”

Another echoed that she saw great results quickly. “So easy to use and quick results,” he shared. “I saw results after just two uses! So convenient to have a product like this accessible from the comfort of your own home.”

Reviewers even report results with hair loss. “This high frequency wand works!” said one reviewer who gave the device five stars. “I only have a little thinning hair along my hairline and this has helped the area look fuller.”

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