The best holiday items that have already landed at Costco

The best holiday items that have already landed at Costco

The holidays are all about celebrations and gatherings with friends and family, and sharing delicious food and drink with those you love comes with the territory.

The only major downside to going to so many holiday parties is that buying all that holiday food can be expensive. This is one of the reasons so many people turn to stores like Costco, which not only provides affordable prices, but also produces some favorite foods associated with the holidays.

Here are some of the best holiday items returning to Costco this year that you’ll already find on store shelves. Head to your nearest warehouse to pick them up, and for more grocery shopping tips, check out the 11 Best Quality Costco Items.


Huck’s Turkey Gravy

Huck's Turkey Gravy

Huck’s Turkey Gravy

According to @costcodeals on Instagram, this turkey gravy from Chef Hak’s is still available just in time for a last minute Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, this convenient sauce dish is only available at Costco locations in Los Angeles and Texas.

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Brewer’s Advent Calendar

Brewer's Advent Calendar

Brewer’s Advent Calendar

This Brewer’s Advent Calendar is the perfect way for beer lovers to celebrate the holiday season or for new brewers to try new flavors and varieties. According to Costco’s Instagram page, this calendar is now available at select Costco locations.


12 Holiday Cheeses

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with these 12 festive cheeses. Varieties include English Smoked Cheddar, Prosecco Cheddar, Truffle Gouda and French Vintage Gouda.

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Oreo Winter Wonderland Cookie Set

Oreo Winter Wonderland Cookie Set

Oreo Winter Wonderland Cookie Set

This Oreo Cookie Kit is the perfect holiday activity for you and the family. According to @costco_doesitagain on Instagram, this Winter Wonderland Cookie Kit is back on Costco shelves for just $12.49.

However, even though this kit is a fan favorite, an Instagram user commented on the page saying that this kit is “Only available in the NE, NE, TE regions.”


Bonne Maman 12 Days of Christmas

Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman

If you’re looking for a cute holiday gift for a loved one or are a fan of keeping attendance calendars at home for the holidays, this unique spin on a standard attendance calendar is the perfect choice. This calendar is made with individual jars of different Bonne Maman flavors and is perfect for toast or oatmeal, and one Costco customer on Instagram even recommends mixing it with gin to make holiday cocktails.

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Snowdonia cheese

Black Cheese Bomber

Black Bomber Cheese

According to @costco_doesitagain on Instagram, these fan-favorite cheeses will return to Midwest Costco locations in late November in the Truffle Trove flavor.

Although the Midwest Costco can enjoy this cheese delight, some customers complain that their local Costcos still do not sell this cheese. One user says: “Bring it to Arizona!” and another says, “SE Costco never gets the good stuff.”

Head to your local Costco warehouse to get these holiday items ASAP.

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