The 5 Best New Costco Bakeware Released in 2022

The 5 Best New Costco Bakeware Released in 2022

In any given year, Costco is busy making changes both big and small to its offerings to better serve its loyal customer base. This year is no exception, and in the space of a few months, the big-box retailer has opened stores in new cities, made major policy changes, added to its list of services while dropping other programs, and even made a subtle but significant sustainability shift within food courts. of.

That’s all well and good, but it’s really the introduction of new bakery items that tends to steal the show in the warehouse. This is the kind of news that really gets people talking, and there’s certainly been plenty to talk about so far this year.

Between oldies but goodies like buttery croissants and rotating seasonal options like giant pumpkin pie, plenty of fresh new baked goods have popped up at Costco recently. Fans of the warehouse quickly flooded the internet with honest reviews and heated debates about which of these items lived up to expectations and which weren’t worth the added calories.

The items below were found to be the best of the best, so be sure to get your hands on them now before they’re phased out. The diet starts next year!

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Chocolate cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

chocolate cheesecake

We didn’t think anything could top Costco’s quintessentially simple cheesecake with its versatility and long-term customer loyalty. But this year, the store’s oven may have finally done it. The 4-pound Chocolate Cheesecake debuted in June 2022, nearly breaking the internet.

When she tried the dessert for the first time, TikTok user @CostcoHotFinds went so far as to say it would go down as one of her “all-time favourites” and a “must have for all chocolate lovers”. She further adds, “If Costco Bakery ever takes it away, I’ll be devastated.”

On Instagram, @costcobuys shared, “Chocolate Cheesecake is NEW at Costco and I’m ALL about it! This dangerously indulgent dessert is made with a chocolate chip cookie crust, chocolate cheesecake and chocolate mousse…you can never have too much chocolate!” Commenters agree with these sentiments, and the 10,000 likes on this post speak for themselves.

The news spread further on Reddit, with one post announcing, “The local Costco has chocolate cheesecake with a chocolate crust. I’ve never seen it before. OMG.” In response, another writes, “Give me a spoon and get out of the way. On second thought Never mind the spoon…”


Raspberry Mini Cakes with Buttercream Frosting

costco mini raspberry cake with buttercream frosting

costco mini raspberry cake with buttercream frosting

Have you noticed a trend in Costco’s bakery this year? It seems the warehouse is on a mission to make everything mini, and these smaller-than-average treats are making a larger-than-life impression on Costco shoppers. The varieties stocked this year include Mini All American Chocolate Cakes, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, and seasonal varieties like Mini Carrot Cakes or Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes.

But one of the mini-cakes that has Costco fans most excited is the never-before-seen package of Raspberry Mini Cakes with Buttercream Frosting. These new treats consist of a yellow cake with a raspberry filling, with a generous portion of pale pink frosting and decorated with white chocolate shavings. They look almost too good to eat. Almost.

Costco members shared their initial thoughts on the sought-after treat on Reddit. “Wherever these cakes came from and whoever made them, please keep them around Costco,” says one fan, while another agrees, “I just got them today. I’ve been craving them since I saw this post. I have to I admit they are delicious!” Many expressed that the Snickerdoodle Mini Cakes pale in comparison to this new flavor.

“THESE ARE UREANES I got them today!! They are SO. RICH,” one user comments on @costcohotfind’s Instagram post about the raspberry flavored treats.


Junior’s Gooey Butter Cake

cake with powdered sugar

cake with powdered sugar

With the word “butter” right in the name, you already know this new cake is bound to be delicious — and Costco members have confirmed it. The Gooey Butter Cake was spotted at the warehouse for the first time in August, among Junior’s popular sweet treats like the crème de la crème New York Cheesecake (the full-sized version, not its mini counterparts which was a disappointing drop.)

This latest creation is the brand’s take on a traditional St. Louis-style butter cake with a yeast base and a thin layer of flour cake made from flour, butter, sugar and eggs. If that’s not enough to make your mouth water, Junior’s version is also topped with cream cheese and dusted with powdered sugar.

Instagrammer @costcobuys posted a video of the bakery department’s new find, which has garnered over 7,200 likes and even has Costco fans flocking to the comments section. One user writes, “Ummm, what? I need this ASAP.” Another comment says, “Literally the BEST dessert ever!!”

Unfortunately for some, it looks like the charm is only available at select Costco stores. “I’m so sad and salty they don’t sell the juniors in my local cost,” comments one frustrated user. “I want to try it looks so good.”


Cherry and Cheese Pastry

cherry pastry

cherry pastry

Cherry and cheese is a match made in pastry heaven and a unique combination that quickly became a hit after being launched at Costco. Both Cherry Danishes and Cream Cheese Danishes have been on the menu for a while, but this is the first time the bakery has combined the two for a perfectly balanced sweet and savory taste experience. The Cherry and Cheese Pastries are similar in appearance to the shop’s seasonal Braided Apple Strudel and have so far been received with equal fanfare.

Reddit user u/yimsie quickly posted about the new pastries after spotting them in September at a local Costco. “New cream cheese/cherry filled pastry at the bakery. My new favorite item! $9.99,” the post reads. One user notes in the comments, “Tastes like cherry cheesecake. Spectacular.” Another joked, “Mercy, Costco Bakery! If you kill me with your sweet, sweet baked goods, you’ll have one less customer!”

And, user u/mslinky was just relieved to see the cherry and cream cheese combo finally come to fruition. “What? You don’t have to decide between cherry or cheese anymore?” they write. “Has Costco been listening to me complain all these years? I’d better buy bigger pants.”


Mini lemon cakes with buttercream frosting

costco mini lemon cake

costco mini lemon cake

Mini lemon cakes with buttercream frosting appeared in Costco’s bakery this year, just two months after their raspberry-flavored counterpart. The two have gone head-to-head, but both have managed to win the hearts of Costco shoppers. While the Raspberry Mini Cakes are rich and dense, the Lemon Cakes offer a lighter and more citrusy flavor with a touch of extra sweetness. That added sweetness was a turn-off for some, but for many others, it’s just the right amount to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain was one of the first to post about the lemon treats, and lots of rave reviews followed. “I bought these…as always with Costco…they were great!” a comment is read. Another user says, “These are so good, the best of all the flavors so far. They have so many elements besides the icing&cake!!! YUM.”

@costcofans couldn’t agree more. The account shared a separate post praising the lemon flavor while serving up a subtle dig at blueberry cakes. “Blueberry Cupcakes are beyond… NEW Mini Lemon Cupcakes 🍋 have arrived at @costco!” the post says. The caption also includes a “Foodie Review” that says “My husband loved it. He said it’s the best. He loves lemon. AND he’s tried them all!”

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