Lindsay Lohan on her return to Hollywood, friendship with Jamie Lee Curtis

Lindsay Lohan talks about her comeback They fall for Christmas. (Photo: Scott Everett White/Netflix)

Lindsay Lohan is back.

After effectively leaving the industry in 2014, the Bad Girls The star returns to her first major film role after nearly a decade with Netflix They fall for Christmas. Lohan’s fans are clamoring for the actress’ return, especially as stars like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, who ruled the tabloids with Lohan at the start of the decade, have regained control of their narratives in recent years.

“I felt it was time and it was just a matter of time to find the right script and find me Falling for Christmas,“Lohan tells Yahoo Entertainment about returning to Hollywood. ‘It just worked out great.'”

Lohan adds that she “missed being on set and making movies for my fans and for my audience.” This prompted the actress’ deal with Netflix and They fall for Christmas is the first of three pictures he will make with the streaming giant. Lohan, who stars alongside her JoyChord Overstreet in the festive rom-com admits she was “nervous” about stepping back on set after so many years away.

“The first day on set I’m always nervous on any set,” says the 36-year-old, noting that she was “even more nervous on this one, but more excited. I don’t know if it was annoying! I was very excited to be there.”

(For the record, Overstreet says it was not annoying.)

“I felt really grateful, I feel really blessed,” Lohan continues. “It was all a lot of fun.”

A fun moment in the movie that Bad Girls Fans will definitely love Lohan’s performance Jingle Bell Rock. It’s a clear homage to a classic scene from the 2004 film that the actress says came about after “joking around” on set with the producers.

“We would do it again Jingle Bell Rock He danced on the bloopers reel, then I said “We can’t take this away”. Bad Girlsit goes too far!” laughs Lohan, adding that the idea was also rejected as Overstreet “didn’t want to dress like a girl”.

Although Lohan has left Hollywood for Dubai, the newlywed star still has support from her peers. Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in 2003 Freaky Friday with Lohan, previously spoke to Yahoo about the fierce way they stay in touch. Curtis explained that they have a secret “text code,” which Lohan confirmed.

“We do,” Lohan laughs. “Every time, I don’t know why it is, but every time I email her … she asks this series of quiz questions that I have to answer from something that happened in the past from a movie set, from Freaky Friday, and I have to get it right the questions, or he won’t — he says, ‘No, not you. Bye!'”

For the record, Curtis said one of the test questions was about a Justin Timberlake song.

“I went to great lengths to call her!” adds Lohan. “I’ve even sent her videos like, ‘Hey, it’s me! on her Instagram account. And then we call and then we talk. We just have a lot of fun together, the two of us.”

Does this mean the Lohan-aissance could include a Freak Friday follow?

“I think we’re all in it, so we’ll see,” Lohan teases. “Crossing our fingers.”

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