Indianapolis soccer bars where you can watch World Cup 2022 games

Indianapolis soccer bars where you can watch World Cup 2022 games

The 2022 World Cup is Nov. 20-Dec. 18 in Qatar. This is a long trip, so many fans will be staying closer to home, but may still want a communal atmosphere for the games.

Here are some places to watch the 2022 World Cup in Indianapolis.

(You shouldn’t expect these pubs to be open for 5am, and maybe 8am, matches.)

Location: 719 Massachusetts Ave.

Phone: 317-917-8425

Location: 8211 E. 116th St.

Phone: 317-845-1090

Location: 4702 Sunset Ave., Suite 100

Phone: 317-606-2500

Location: 921 Broad Ripple Ave.

Phone: 317-257-4343

Location: 110 S. Union St.

Phone: 317-399-7454

Location: 1106 Prospect St.

Phone: 317-426-3028, 317-492-9874

Location: 1125 E. Brookside Ave.

Location: 36 S. Pennsylvania St.

Phone: 317-974-0674

Location: 1552 Main St., Suite A

Phone: 317-802-1760

Location: 141 S. Meridian St.

Phone: 317-632-0202

Location: 3720 E. 82nd St.

Phone: 317-288-8251

The World Cup group stage schedule

All times are Eastern Time

November 20, Sunday

Qatar vs. Ecuador, 11 a.m

November 21, Monday

England v Iran, 8am

Senegal vs. Netherlands, 11 a.m

United States vs. Wales, 2 p.m

November 22, Tuesday

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia, 5 p.m

Denmark vs. Tunisia, 8 a.m

Mexico vs. Poland, 11 a.m

France v Australia, 2 p.m

November 23, Wednesday

Morocco vs. Croatia, 5 p.m

Germany vs. Japan, 8 a.m

Spain vs. Costa Rica, 11 a.m

Belgium vs. Canada, 2 p.m

November 24, Thursday

Switzerland vs. Cameroon, 5 a.m

Uruguay vs. South Korea, 8 a.m

Portugal v Ghana, 11am

Brazil vs. Serbia, 2 p.m

November 25, Friday

Wales v Iran, 5am

Qatar vs. Senegal, 8 a.m

Netherlands vs. Ecuador, 11 a.m

England vs. United States, 2 p.m

November 26, Saturday

Tunisia vs. Australia, 5 a.m

Poland vs. Saudi Arabia, 8 a.m

France vs. Denmark, 11 a.m

Argentina – Mexico, 14:00

November 27, Sunday

Japan vs. Costa Rica, 5 p.m

Belgium v ​​Morocco, 8am

Croatia vs. Canada, 11 a.m

Spain – Germany, 14.00

November 28, Monday

Cameroon vs Serbia, 5am

South Korea vs. Ghana, 8 a.m

Brazil vs. Switzerland, 11 a.m

Portugal v Uruguay, 2 p.m

November 29, Tuesday

Netherlands vs. Qatar, 10 a.m

Ecuador vs. Senegal, 10 a.m

Iran vs. United States, 2 p.m

Wales v England, 2pm

November 30, Wednesday

Tunisia vs. France, 10 a.m

Australia v Denmark, 10am

Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico, 2 p.m

Poland v Argentina, 2 p.m

December 1, Thursday

Canada vs. Morocco, 10 a.m

Croatia v Belgium, 10am

Costa Rica vs. Germany, 2 p.m

Japan vs. Spain, 2 p.m

December 2, Friday

South Korea vs. Portugal, 10 a.m

Ghana v Uruguay, 10am

Cameroon v Brazil, 2 p.m

Serbia vs. Switzerland, 2 p.m

Round 16: 3-6 Dec

Quarterfinals: 9-10 Dec

Semifinals: 13-14 Dec

Race for third place: December 17, 10 am

Final: December 18, 10 a.m

World Cup 2022 groups

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B: England, Iran, United States, Wales

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, Australia

Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Group C: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

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