“I’m still working it out in therapy”

Letitia Wright said as part of it Variety The cover of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” says she’s still in therapy to process the “traumatic” accident she suffered on the set of the $250 million Marvel set. The actress was injured in late August 2021 after a staged motorcycle accident sent her to the hospital with a broken shoulder and concussion, among other injuries.

The accident happened at “Wakanda Forever” in Boston. Wright was shooting a chase sequence that placed her on a “cookie rig,” which allowed the camera to photograph her riding a motorcycle in a real-life setting. According to the film’s producer, Nate Moore, the rig “cut in half and clipped the bike and fell” with Wright on top of it.

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“I’m still processing it,” Wright said Variety for the accident. “I’m still working on it in therapy. It was really traumatic.”

Wright was on the Boston set with the film’s second-unit crew, which meant neither Moore nor director Ryan Coogler were present when the accident occurred. The two men returned to Atlanta for the main set of “Wakanda Forever.” Coogler had to be informed of Wright’s accident by phone.

“It was about how you can imagine,” Cougar said when he got the call. “I mean, I love these actors. This is me and Chad’s little sister. Imagine getting that phone call that your little sister has been hurt. It’s the worst thing in the world.”

Coogler and Marvel Studios show Kevin Feige traveled to Boston to visit Wright in the hospital. “It was scary in any production that happened to anybody,” Feige said. “It was especially tough on this production that was already, uh… emotionally strained.”

Feige was referring to Wright’s injury as just the latest production setback for “Wakanda Forever” at the time. The entire film had to be remade after the death of original “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman. Wright was determined to finish the film as a tribute to her late co-star, so she wasn’t about to let her injuries stop her from doing so.

“I remember wanting to finish my movie, man,” Wright said of Feig and Coogler’s hospital visit. “I think that was one of the first things I said to Ryan. And he said, “Tis, you need to come to your senses.”

Wright left Boston and traveled back home to London to recuperate. Production on “Wakanda Forever” was halted in November 2021 when it was decided that he needed more time to heal. Cameras began rolling again in January 2022. Wright said he was still dealing with post-concussion syndrome when filming resumed.

“I had great, great, great medical support, great patience on set,” Wright said. “I’m very proud of myself. I’m extremely proud of Ryan, of the team, just for his resilience — overcoming adversity every step of the way. When I finished filming, I cried like a little baby.”

To read more about the making of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, click here to read the whole thing Variety cover theme. The film is released in theaters nationwide on November 11 by Disney.

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