I’m a beauty editor — and QVC is my go-to source for Black Friday deals

Get up to 50% off holiday beauty gifts. (Photo: QVC)

I have been working as a beauty editor for seven years and I have tried very of products — the good, the bad and the must-haves. Some of them have even earned a permanent place in my overflowing medicine cabinet or become my gifts. So I know what I’m talking about when it comes to recommending products this holiday season. However, often the great finds that feel special and worthy of presence come at a great price. QVC is the ultimate gold mine for beauty deals, and holiday shopping is no exception. From a bestselling cleansing balm to a night serum, a holiday mask to a giftable lip kit, here are my favorite early Black Friday beauty deals you can shop right now on QVC.

This Sonicare rechargeable version is over $20 off, comes with eight (!) replacement brush heads, and comes in four colors — blue, purple, mint, and white. It also has four cleaning modes and a two-minute automatic timer.

The long battery life is another selling point, with reviewers saying, “I recently got this toothbrush and I’m impressed! It has power and only needs to be charged a few times a month. My teeth feel really clean after use.” And another said, “I can’t sing the praises of this toothbrush loud enough, but when I do, my teeth sparkle! I have a tight mouth and struggle to reach my back teeth. The smaller head on this brush made it strong At my last dentist visit, my dentist didn’t even mention the problem area!’

I use a double cleanse method for makeup removal, which means I use an oil-based formula to get rid of makeup and then use a gel or cream cleanser to actually wash my face. So I’m serious about skin care. The product starts out as a balm, before melting into an oil when smoothed into dry skin and eventually turning into a milky wash as you add water to rinse it off.

This duo gives you a full size jar for use at home and a mini you can take on the go for less than the price of the full size product. Plus, you can take advantage of their easy pay plan to make payments at 0% interest.

If I had to pick my favorite product of the year, it wouldn’t be the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lips range. It is the perfect combination of lipstick, balm and gloss. I have a tube in every bag and it’s my daily pick of products for hydrated, glossy lips with a hint of colour.

If my opinion wasn’t enough to sway you, check out this rave review: “I was hesitant to buy all these lip products, but I couldn’t be happier! They are amazing. I received them today, I’ve tried them all (except the two lighter/darker shades which I’m giving away for Christmas) and I’m totally blown away by the sheer action and colors of them all.I’m going to try to change my order to Auto Delivery now.I love Tarte cosmetics and use some of the products regularly, but I never expected them to be this superior. And, as a side note, this is the first review I’ve ever written. Buy them if they’re still available, regardless of the price!”

There are four small drawers, three large drawers and a place above for brushes and lipstick tubes.

And if makeup isn’t your thing, consider using this reviewer: “I originally planned to use it for makeup, but instead I have jewelry stashed away. It’s perfect for necklaces, pearls, costume jewelry, and other pieces I’ve been stashing in bags or boxes that were closed and I was looking through a lot to find what I wanted. Now, in their clean drawers, everything is visible and easy to find. I took off the top and kept the mascara, eyeliners and some other cosmetics separately.”

The coral-pink shade with gold swirls suits a range of skin tones. The inclusion of two types of brushes makes it a fantastic gift.

“This is my first Laura Geller purchase, but it won’t be my last,” said one happy customer. She continued her review saying, “I’m in love! As a hyperactive, fair-skinned, ‘somewhere over 60’ year old, a lot of makeup colors look ‘clown’ to me! The buildable color is soft, a rosy-peachy natural skin glow.” It’s not shimmery but with a pearly sheen.It completely brightens my dull skin.Use it as a gentle beauty wash on my lids too.The shine stays on all day without the need to refresh.The BRUSH is super soft and totally amazing!My loved it so much I bought this set for my best friend too!”

Body wash is a category that everyone uses, but not everyone can think about — they put it off the shelf when they run errands and that’s good enough. Consider treating your sister or mom to something more luxurious for the holidays, like this pick from Philosophy.

The aromatic experience is the big plus. “This smells so divine like the eggnog my mom used to make when she was still with us. Some traditions you’ll never let go. It leaves your skin smelling soft, clean and hydrated!” says one happy customer. And this reviewer gave it a 10-star rating (considering the scale is pretty impressive): “This EggNog bubble bath is fantastic. It’s just like I remember it from years ago. Rich and creamy.”

Even beauty professionals agree: “I’ve been a master esthetician for almost 15 years. I’ve used hundreds of different moisturizers for myself and clients, but this one always ends up being my #1 everyday. I have extremely dry skin and live near the desert, so my skin absorbs everything. But the consistency of this is perfect. My skin feels quenched and relieved and stays that way all day.”

Buy it and watch the compliments roll in, one reviewer explained. “I’ve been using this for decades! When people ask me what I want for vacation, I ask for it! I always have a bottle packed in my bag and one with my daily skincare routine. People mistake me for being 10 years younger. The skin I’ve been told many times by myself and other beauty professionals to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s lightweight, but provides the exact right amount of moisture to make your face and neck feel supple.”

The blend of ingredients helps support collagen production – the process that keeps your skin smooth, bright and even. The moisturizing tag team of squalane and hyaluronic acid locks in moisture for that dewy glow.

Nearly 20,000 reviews rave about this serum: “I can’t go a night without the Advanced Night Repair Serum! It does so much good on your skin and keeps you looking fantastic for your age. The formula glides on effortlessly and absorbs without leaving behind any residue. It’s hydrating and helps keep your skin balanced and your tone and texture even. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened and completely slowed down and tightens skin that’s starting to lose elasticity. You wake up to healthy, glowing skin every morning while you used it last night. It just works.”

This five-star reviewer agrees: “This is one of my favorite skincare products and it really delivers. It smells great like real pumpkin, not fake pumpkin. Just apply, massage into your skin and let sit for five minutes before rinsing off . Your skin is left looking brighter with a rosy glow. I’m a fan of all the PTR masks, but the pumpkin is my favorite and part of my weekly skincare routine.”

Pumpkin enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate to dissolve dead skin cells and clogged pores that sit on top of the skin. And since this deal comes in a two-pack, keep one for yourself and give the other to your best friend for a matching spa night.

Photo: QVC

Perricone MD No Makeup Instant Blur Duo

$55$79Save $24

Black Friday pricing started really early with this deal — get 30% off two blur primers. A little different to your typical primer, this formula is a balm-to-solid texture that can be buffed on with the included sponge.

$55 on QVC

Use alone to blur pores and smooth texture or under makeup to reduce shine and increase the longevity of your foundation.

If you’ve been adopting a no-makeup approach in recent years, this is the product to try. “Absolutely, I positively love this product!! After wearing my ‘ready-to-make-up’ for over 25 years… less is more. Especially after being pushed into a permanent home job. Over the years I’ve curated a great makeup bag and this is my latest addiction. If you’re experiencing Zoom fatigue, this is your secret weapon to looking great in 5 minutes,” explained one reviewer.

“I love this product! I work from home and very rarely wear foundation anymore. This gives my bare skin a nice finish without feeling heavy. It’s not foundation, no coverage. But it gives my bare skin a more polished feel. .. This works great!” said another happy customer.

A serum is compressed into a compact stick that can easily be passed over the face. It’s packed with lemon balm and squalane to hydrate. The moisturizer is the crème de la crème — a silky smooth blend of herbs, hyaluronic acid and algae that leaves skin with an enviable glow. The beautiful packaging in the jar even looks like a small gift – the “bow” holds a metal scoop to keep the product as healthy as possible.

The exclamation points in this review say it all: “The best skin cream and serum ever made!!! I recommend all Tatcha products. Thank you for such a steal!!!”

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