“I don’t want people to ever look at me and think he has it all”

Selena Gomez says she hopes her documentary shows people who don’t have it all together. (Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

Selena Gomez, 30, opened up about her mental health journey, coming to terms with her bipolar disorder and embracing the unknown in a recent interview with Jay Shetty.

The incredible documentary of the founder of Wondermind Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me premiered on November 4 and shows fans a different, less composed side of Gomez, something she was very intentional about.

“I think I really wanted people to finally realize that I’m really not that together. I can be. And I feel so much better now. But I don’t ever want people to look at me and think she has it all. And she got it, and she’s perfect. I just want to be somebody that people can really go to and say, “Hey, I understand what you’ve been through. I did too,” he told the On Purpose podcast.

Gomez said this association is especially important to her because she has felt pressure to look perfect in the past.

“I felt like I had to be [perfect] When I was, you know, when I was going through relationships, I felt like I had to be a certain way. So in 2016, I was talking about my body, I was talking about my looks, and I was talking about how, “Oh, everyone’s going to see me as this Disney kid. No one will take me seriously.” All these moments. That’s kind of where, yeah, that’s where all the confusion came from for me,” he said.

She also opens up about her bipolar diagnosis and how embracing the condition as part of it has helped her heal.

“My favorite thing to say in the documentary, ‘I have bipolar.’ I learned how to live with it and just made it my friend,” he said.

Gomez, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019, is a staunch supporter of treatment and is open about taking medication as part of her treatment plan. Still, she admits her journey to figuring out what works for her wasn’t linear.

“To be honest, I’ve been to four rehabs and I have a lot of opinions about rehabs, if you will. There’s a lot I don’t agree with,” he said.

But through some trial and error, he’s discovered that accepting the reality of whatever situation he’s currently facing is crucial.

“But what I will say is… learning lessons through dialectical behavior or cognitive behavioral therapy, there’s something that’s always been embedded in me at all these different times in my life. And that was always recognizing when something was happening to me. And I just realized that this was something that wasn’t going to go away… it wasn’t something that was going to be fixed by going to these places. It was more, what can I know about myself. If I go down that road, I’m going to get triggered, and I know that feeling and I know how to avoid it. However, I am going to therapy. I am also on medication which I fully follow and believe in wholeheartedly. And it helps me stay balanced But I still have to deal with it,” she said.

At just 7 years old, Gomez launched her career in the entertainment industry and has spent most of her life in the spotlight, making her deeply personal journey with her mental and physical health a public spectacle—a terrifying reality for many child stars.

“To be honest, I don’t know any different. That’s what’s really scary sometimes. It’s really sad. Other times, that’s what they’ve given me. This is the path I want to keep walking. I know, at any time I can to give up and walk away. I wasn’t raised that way. So maybe if this happened later in life, I would have had a different outcome. I really had to learn the hard way how to deal with it. I don’t give that bait people want. I do everything I can to try to eliminate these negative stories or other people portraying my journey. I interrupt them with my truth and that is what I will always do. I am the one who takes control of the story and no one can change that, or say something different,” he said.

Through her documentary and sharing more of her journey, Gomez learned a lot about the importance of embracing her imperfections and finding triumph in the midst of trials.

“I always say there’s a blessing in brokenness. And every moment you come across in your life, even if it’s just road rage, it’s so simple to maybe lose someone you love,” he said. “There’s no perfect way to heal. There’s no perfect way to deal with something. It’s more like how do I become a better person?”

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