For just  you can finally stop losing your TV remote

For just $8 you can finally stop losing your TV remote

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A glowing remote control on a couch in a living room.

Never lose your remote again with this glow-in-the-dark cover. (Source: Amazon)

Have you ever spent hours looking for your TV remote only to find it camouflaged in plain sight? With the whole family using the remote throughout the day, someone is bound to misplace it.

If you hate searching for the remote control when you want to sit in front of the TV and relax, this glow in the dark remote control is perfect for you. TikTok user @simplysalfinds shows how this stylish cover works in this short clip.

Bright color that catches the eye

This glow in the dark cover will help you keep your remote close at hand.  (Source: Amazon)

This glow in the dark cover will help you keep your remote close at hand. (Source: Amazon)

$7.99 $9.99 on Amazon

Made to fit the 4k Max Amazon Fire TV Stick and Alexa Voice 3rd generation remote, this premium silicone cover is available in a variety of vibrant colors that will catch your eye even when it’s not glowing. When the room is dark, the cover glows brightly, making your remote flash so you can spot the hiding spot at a glance. If you want it to glow even brighter, be sure to keep it under a light source when not in use.

With a non-slip grip, cushioning and high visibility, this protective case is our top pick among the many available right now. Its durable construction is soft to the touch and does not contain harmful materials. It’s also lightweight and shock-resistant, so if the remote does happen to be dropped, you won’t have to waste time trying to find the batteries that have come out. If your kids are prone to leaving sticky fingerprints while watching TV, all you have to do is wipe them off and you’re good to go.

At 20% off, it’s more affordable than comparable items and features important details like precise cutouts for every port and button, and an open top that ensures a strong signal between your remote and receiver.

If you need more convincing, scroll through the thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon from satisfied buyers. One happy customer used it to attach their remote to a key fob for an even more convenient way to monitor it:

“We tried the battery powered pager thing, but my kids conspired to lose the remote right when the batteries in the pager thing died. Like LOST, he lost it. Like no in the trash yeah I checked I missed it. At the same time I bought a new remote control, I bought this case and I attached it to a jumbo key ring that I also found on Amazon and we haven’t lost the slippery little stick of butter since.”

Never lose that remote again

It’s time to sit back and enjoy your favorite TV shows without worrying about your lost remote control. Take advantage of this sale and make sure your remote stays visible for just $8.

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