DeMarcus Cousins, still a free agent, says he wants a reunion with the Kings

Four-time NBA All-Star DeMarcus Cousins ​​has expressed his desire to return to the league, now he’s sending a clear message specifically to the Sacramento Kings.

“Would love to help Sac get back to the playoffs,” he tweeted, in response to SacTown Sports 1140 host Carmichael Dave.

Cousins ​​dominated the Sacramento paint in his prime and remains on the market as a free agent.

Currently 3-6, four of the Kings’ six losses have been by five points or fewer. Adding a center to back up two-time All Star Domantas Sabonis is an interesting idea to help the Kings secure those extra points.

Could Cousins ​​be the boost Sacramento needs to make its first playoff appearance since 2006?

The 32-year-old is five years removed from his tenure with the Kings and went on to play in New Orleans, Golden State, Houston, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee and Denver.

With his name becoming almost synonymous with pitching and technical feats at one point, Cousins ​​knows his reputation and relationship with the Kings is far from perfect.

“Have I made mistakes? Absolutely,” Cousins ​​told Yahoo Sports in October. “Have I done things the wrong way? Absolutely. For that, I apologize profusely. But I’ve done even more things the right way, and I’ve done even more positive things than my negatives. I just don’t want those positives to be ignored.”

Although Cousins ​​is open to returning to the Kings, he went on the record with Andscape’s Marc Spears in May to speak less than positively about his time with the Sacramento franchise, while maintaining that he has “a lot of love for the city.” .

“What Shaq did for me,” Cousins ​​told Spears. “Besides say my name [draft day]. I did more for them than they did for me. That’s just being honest. I’m just 100 [percent] honest. I’ve had two owners, three GMs, seven coaches in seven years. I was there seven years. I’ve had three GMs, two owners and seven coaches. Not much more needs to be said.”

Cousins ​​beat former Sacramento coach George Karl in 2015. Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, however, have great things to say about Cousins ​​as a teammate and as a person.

Cousins ​​told Yahoo Sports that he practices daily to be ready to return and has proven he can be effective in limited time off the bench.

With De’Aaron Fox playing at an All-Star level, along with former Laker Malik Monk, Cousins ​​will add even more presence at the University of Kentucky to a team undergoing a culture overhaul under a new coach with Cousins ​​has worked positively on Mike. Coffee.

Former Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins ​​wants to return to the team. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

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