Can’t figure out what to get your whiskey drinking dad? These deals are definitely on his list

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Make your dad feel like the man of the hour this festive season. (Source: Amazon)

Sure, ties and belts are acceptable gifts as they are definitely useful — but are they thoughtful? If you haven’t been giving Dad great gifts every holiday, now’s your chance to turn that around.

Have you ever seen your dad pour deep amber liquor to celebrate a successful day at work? Or have you seen him with his friends for a round of cigars at your house? If so, your pop is probably a whiskey lover.

With that in mind, use gift giving this holiday season to indulge your whiskey-loving dad’s appreciation for the fine drink. Here are some gifts that will clearly show him that you are thinking of him:

Every whiskey lover, including your dad, needs these sets

This set comes with a storage container to protect the rocks in your dad's freezer.  (Source: Amazon)

This set comes with a storage container to protect the rocks in your dad’s freezer. (Source: Amazon)

$17.30 $20.31 on Amazon

If your dad loves whiskey on the rocks, he should always have a bucket full of ice waiting for him in case he wants a drink, but that’s not always possible. Instead, you can give him a neat solution that will keep his favorite drink cool without watering it down.

This cold stone set features two dishwasher safe whiskey stones that can be kept frozen until needed. When it’s time to use them, he can just pour them into a glass. But with the size of the stones, your dad should only use one. He can use the other for later use or when sharing a drink with one of his whiskey-loving friends.

Give your dad another reason to love his favorite drink. Get this stone set and save 15% off your purchase today.

This dishwasher-friendly set comes in very attractive packaging, ready for gifting.  (Source: Amazon)

This dishwasher-friendly set comes in very attractive packaging, ready for gifting. (Source: Amazon)

$25.41 $45.99 on Amazon

One way to instantly up your dad’s whiskey drinking game is to get him premium glass glasses for his favorite tumbler. This set of old-fashioned whiskey glasses is sure to take center stage when your dad invites his whiskey-loving colleagues over.

Each piece has a diamond-like detail, making every sip more luxurious. The easy-to-hold glasses have a heavy base design and thick glass to prevent breakage. They are also low maintenance, since they simply need to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Grab this set of four stylish glasses and watch your dad beam with pride every time he pours one for his guests. Take advantage of today’s 45% discount.

Show off your favorite brands of bourbon or scotch with this impressive glass set.  (Source: Amazon)

Show off your vintage gentleman with this stunning set of whiskey glasses. (Source: Amazon)

$29.87 $36.99 on Amazon

This set of glasses includes everything your dad will need to enjoy a great glass of whiskey. It comes with two crystal whiskey glasses, two hard leather coasters to set them on, a set of six steel cooling cubes, a handy pair of tongs, a plush freezer bag for safe storage and a beautiful keepsake box to get it ready. gift.

Steel cubes will keep whiskey as cold as ice without watering them down or affecting the taste. These polished stones are made entirely of stainless steel and can be washed and reused. The hard leather coasters are super stylish and match the richness of the wooden box it comes in.

Help your dad become the vintage gentleman on the block with this set of whiskey glasses. Be sure to apply the coupon at checkout to save 5% off the discounted price.

Whiskey accessories your dad will love

Surprise your dad with a thoughtful gift this year. With every sip, she’ll love your gifts even more. Grab these items on Amazon today to save up to 45% and upgrade your pop bar arsenal this Christmas.

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